Tree of Life Helping Families Reunite

Hi All! It has been a long time since posting. I'm working on setting up a regiment to I remember to do it every two weeks or so... I just get so darned busy with life and work sometimes... Okay, so a few things I wanted to share:

First, if you didn't see it on our Facebook page, we had a run of "Tree of Life" pendants with proceeds going to the ACLU and earmarked for reuniting immigrant families. In case you did not know, the US gov't has only marginally helped with this effort. Most of the work has been accomplished by the ACLU. Another tip, in case you ever need it - try to donate on-line and earmarking seems all but impossible but if you look them up on your phone you can find a phone number where you can talk to a real person and direct funds exactly where you want it to go. ;)

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