Time for our blog to say "Hello World!" We get many requests for a better understanding of what we do and what makes us different than a normal "jewelry" business. We will use this blog to do just that.

Yes, we make jewelry and "accessories." Much of the work is completed on antique equipment with some of our older tools, such as a Holtzapffel ornamental lathe, being from the early to mid-1800's and Engine Turning equipment from the early 1900's. We do use some modern equipment, too, when it makes sense for secondary production purposes. For example, we use hand files that are only a few years old, our enameling kiln is only about 20 years old, but our hand gravers are from the mid-late 1800's. The methodology is very traditional, no matter what tool we are using. That sets us apart.

Tiffany & Co made a lot of jewelry and other articles using these techniques until about the 1950's although I have found that they still offer an "engine turned" money clip and key ring still to this day. The famous eggs of Faberge' were made in ages past with the same engine turning and enameling technique we use. Unfortunately, much of the equipment for engine turning went out of vogue and became metal scrap in WWII and has subsequently become quite rare.

We have has been collecting our Ornamental and Engine Turning tools for more than 20 years. Some pieces have taken over a decade in order to collect and make the parts to make them operational. And, we are still expanding our collection with the restoration of a Straight Line Brocade Engine and another Round Brocade Engine in the process of being restored.

Next, we look for Environmental and Social Non-Profits to align our products with so that a portion of our proceeds are donated to them. You can see that some of our Pendants pages mention a particular Non-Profit that a portion of our proceeds are donated to. Feel free to contact us if you feel your non-=profit could benefit from some additional revenue. :)

We will go into more detail about all this, and more, in the coming blogs. Thanks for Reading! -Tig

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