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Jewelry with a Cause

Where craftsmen and engineers are one and the same,

"Bespoke" is integral to everything we do,

And we believe in helping the World community


What Is Possible…

Stock or custom designs offered standard in Copper, Silver or Gold.  Materials such as exotic woods, platinum, stainless steel, titanium and others may be possible. Lets see how we can support your favorite cause together through custom jewelry purchased and worn by your supporters

1” Copper pendant, Sitting Lotus: Brocade work, Rose Engine Border, Patination

How We Do It

Engine Turning

Engine Turning

Rose Engine, Straight Line, Brocade, Ornamental Turning

Fused Clear and Colored Enamels

Fused Clear and Colored Enamels

Kiln at 1450F degrees

Hand Engraving

Hand Engraving

150 year old tools!

Brocaded table coaster in 6061 aluminum with non-scratch cork on bottom

As Engineers

We understand Systems Analysis and Boundary Conditions which tell us Mother Earth’s resources are finite and all its Brothers and Sisters must learn to coexist sustainably.

As Craftspeople

We believe that our heart and soul must go into our craft and that it should have impact and meaning.

As Humans

We feel the need to do our small part in making a positive difference for this World.


We aim to provide financial assistance to Not-For-Profits that positively provide for a social or environmental change through the sale of art and jewelry using our Lost Art Techniques™.


About Us


Hello & thanks for visiting!  If you are a Not-For Profit organization interested in stock or custom jewelry sales for fund raising, please drop us a note!

If, perhaps, you are an individual or profit organization looking for a custom piece of jewelry, medals for exemplary employees, etc.... Please email  Thanks!!

Tel: 1-805-225-1517

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