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Jewelry with a Cause

For Purchasers of Pendants

Terms & Conditions

Returns: We have a 7 day return for a full refund policy.  Items must be returned in as-new condition. Why so short for a return policy?  Lets be frank, a good part of this effort is to raise funds for a cause, and to get them those funds.  Our goal is to make funds from pendant sales accessible to the funding recipient on day 8.  Therefore, we will no longer have the funds to return to you.

Timing: Please note that the organizations we help receive a steep discount on our services because we do this either a) on our downtime or b) on our own time.  It could take as long as 2 weeks before we can ship out your items.  BUT, we certainly try to get them out much sooner - even if we have to work on our lunch breaks.

Variations:  Yes, there will be variations from piece to piece.  Hand engraving from one piece to the next is slightly different.  Enamel (molten glass) flows of its own accord and cannot always be controlled.  Copper patinas are very hard to reproduce exactly.  Please take this into account.

Purchasers in the state of California: we have to charge you 7.75% sales tax.

For Non-Profit Decision Makers

How this Works

Designs can be from our stock or custom made.  There are two ways we can help.


1) We can make the brocade template (if a custom one is made) and the pendants.  You pay for the lot and do your own marketing and sales.  You will make more money this way!  Also, the more you buy the more you will make on each piece.  Unless the pieces are really nice designs and of higher end materials we recommend a minimum of 50 pieces.

2) We can make the brocade template and the pendants. We do the sales and marketing.  You receive a check.  You make less money but put in zero capitol and little effort. We deal with the inventory, shipping, etc.... It DOES help if you send an email to your patrons and direct them to the web page to purchase jewelry because (I'm guessing) your patrons don't want you to give us your email list.

Additionally, we can easily offer variations of the same design.  For example, you can offer your design for sale in a) patinated copper, b) silver with clear enamel and c) silver with colored transparent enamels and d) gold including hand engraved details with clear enamels; each at different price points.

Custom Designs

Custom brocade patterns must be drawn, g-code written (programming for the mill) and then machined on a cnc mill.  Cost is determined by the complexity of the design.  Typical costs are $100-$500.  If a full 3D surface pattern is required the cost will be substantially higher but this is rarely the case.  If you have the capability to make your own brocade pattern, we are happy to use it.  Contact us for details.

Typical materials for the pendants include copper and silver.  Other materials such as gold, stainless steel, titanium, and some hard exotic woods can also be used.  If you have a particular material in mind, feel free to ask us about it.  Enameling typically looks and works best on fine silver.  Our source for 99.99% fine silver is conflict free and recycled.  Sterling silver is also possible but requires additional preparation time for enameling and is not recommended for enameled pendants (read this as: cost more than fine silver for enameled pendants).

Yes, you may request pendants without enameling.  And, to be honest, they look great either way.

Brocade Engine Example
Brocaded and Enameled Pendant

Typical pendant sizes are 1" in diameter.  Additional stock sizes are 1-1/4", 1-1/2", 1-3/4" and 2".  Other sizes are possible as well as earings and other accessories. Drop us a note with your wish list!

Standard Options

Rose Engine and Straight Line Engine work

Rose Engine Example
Straight Line Engine Example

Rose Engine Example

Straight Line Engine Example

Rose Engine turned details

Rose Engine details over Brocade Work


Basically, enameling is fused glass and is available in many opaque and translucent colors.  It protects the pendant and provides a jewel like look.  We do not recommend enameling on copper unless it is opaque.  Translucent enamels work best with this work so you can see the metal work under the enameling.


The age old profession of hand engraving.

Hand Engraved Wings

Example of Engraved details


We can possibly incorporate other ideas you want (bring them on, we like a challenge!).  We are an engineering and prototype shop so we have lots of tools and can figure out how to do lots of things!

Work for Individuals and For-Profits

Yes, we can help you if you want a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry, custom funerary urn, badges for your work team, or ... ??  Drop us a note with your questions and needs to Auxilio Innovations.

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